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HorseFlicks "Lippitt Morgan Sport Horse"

Tracing their history back to just one colt, Figure, 1500 pure bred Lippitt Morgans display their enthusiasm, versatility and heart.
Posted: 05/02/2012

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In addition to the well known Jon Rivers, Estaban Silva and Fred North in the stable of "HorseFlicks" episode narrators, you’ll hear Charley Barnes from Greeley, Colorado. Charley is a single father of 3 and has been in radio for 34 years. He currently hosts the #1 afternoon show in Colorado at K99 Radio and does extensive voice over work, including the deep, resonant cowboy voice narration you’ll hear in the Great Western Dude Ranch series. Charlie’s favorite horse is a Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic which he literally rides every day of the year, even in the cold, crisp Colorado winters. In 2006, Charley created a special charity called the Sleigh Riders Motor Toy Run, which raises over 3,000 toys for Santa Cops every year.
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