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the saddle club

The Saddle Club series is based on the stories and characters from the internationally popular novels written by Bonnie Bryant, and contains the elements that made the novels and the first two series so popular: friendship and a love of horse riding.

The three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa have formed The Saddle Club at Pine Hollow Stables where they keep their horses: Belle, Starlight and Prancer. While the girls are very much individuals, their love of horses has given their friendship a solid basis.

While they may often disagree or even fall out over a situation, their loyalty to The Saddle Club and what it stands for always brings them back together.

Episodes include includes loyalty, intrigue, humor and sometimes a bit of romance that is all part of these girls adventures at Pine Hollows.

Equestrian Life has partnered to produce incredible equestrian content, providing HRTV viewers with over 100 hours of exclusive programming centered on the horse.


2012 CHIO Aachen Grand Prix Dressage Freestyle CDIO

The Deutsche Bank Prize, and the world championship in precision, with horses and riders executing legendary maneuvers against a musical background.
Posted: 01/23/2013
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