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Non-Fiction Competition

Maximum length is 5 minutes

Theme is “This is Santa Anita”


Filmmakers and film students who have a desire to tell great stories at The Great Race Place.


  • Prize Money for Judged Winners:

            $10,000 1st prize

            $ 4,000  2nd prize

            $ 2,000  3rd prize

            $ 1,500  4th prize

            $   500   5th prize

6th through 10th prize get free entry fee for 2015 HRTV Film Festival


  • Plus Fan Favorite Prize:

            $10,000 to winner as voted on through on-line poll


Santa Anita Park: the home of historic Thoroughbred racing since 1934, the home of “Seabiscuit” and the home of the 2014 Breeders’ Cup World Championships.


Announce on Thursday, December 26, 2013

Entries accepted beginning Saturday, December 28, 2013

First day of shooting Wedensday, January 1, 2014

Last day of shooting Sunday, April 13, 2014

Submissions due Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Voting opens Saturday, April 26, 2014

Voting closes Sunday, May 4, 2014

Winners announced Saturday, May 10, 2014


Entrants from 2013 Film Festival @ 50% of Entry Fee

Entry Fee (if received prior to March 1):

            General Entry - $50

            Student Entry - $20 (valid student ID required)

Late Entry Fee (if received after March 1):

            General Entry  - $75

            Student Entry - $50 (valid student ID required)

How do I enter:

Entries can be made on-line, but credentials must be picked up and payment made in person at Santa Anita Park (285 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007).  Entries will be taken in the Marketing Department, Wednesday through Sunday. 

What do I get for my entry fee:

Each entry will be given 2 Film Festival credentials which will allow shooting access to all areas of the track EXCEPT the stable area, Jockey’s Room and Receiving Barn.  Areas that are not public areas (ie, the Saddling Barn and the Walking Ring) will require a supervisory escort.  Additionally, each Film Festival entry will be given 10 Clubhouse passes good for admission any time through the end of the Santa Anita Winter-Spring season.

How will the entrants be judged:

Entries will be judged two ways.  All entries are automatically eligible for both awards:

  • Judged entries will be handled by a panel of racing and entertainment professionals.
  • On-line poll will determine the Fan Favorite

How do I pay my entry fees:

By check only, made payable to Los Angeles Turf Club, Inc.

Can I shoot any day at Santa Anita:

  • Each Film Festival entry is allowed 3 supervised shooting days at Santa Anita, from Sunday, December 29, through Sunday, April 13, 2014.
  • Credentials will be hole punched to keep track of days. 
  • Shooting day must be reserved no less than 24 hours in advance. 

How do I submit my produced entry:

Entries will be submitted to

How many days can I scout at Santa Anita:

Each entrant is entitled to as many scouting days as they require without limitation, prior notice or admission fee. 

Can I shoot anywhere at Santa Anita:

Filmmakers are not allowed to shoot in the stable area, Jockeys’ Room and receiving barn regardless of whether or not the filmmakers have CHRB licenses to those areas.  Submissions that include footage shot in those areas are subject to disqualification. 

Is there any equipment that is not allowed:

Because the safety of the racing participants is the paramount concern, no reflectors, additional lighting instruments, tracks, dollies, camera rails, unattended tripods or boom microphones will be allowed during racing or training hours.  These can spook the horses and endanger both them and the humans working with them. 

Are their other requirements to work around horses:

Each entrant will receive a list of Santa Anita filming procedures to ensure the safety of our racing participants.  Your receipt of  official Film Festival credentials will require full compliance of these guidelines or credentials will be immediately revoked and your entry fee will be forfeited. 

What if I want to involve a jockey, trainer or owner in my film:

Film Festival entrants are independent producers, and are welcome to involve anyone they want in their productions.  Any requests for additional access to owners, trainers and jockeys other than their normal participation in their normal racing activities, must be made through those individuals.

How would I contact a jockey, trainer or owner to appear in my film outside of their normal racing activities (including additional sound):

Please contact their respective representatives for access information-

The Jockey’s Guild representative is Darrell Haire (909-241-2704)

The Trainer’s representative is Alan Balch (626-574-6445)

The Owner’s representative is Joe Morris (626-574-6602)

Do you have other questions about the 2013 HRTV Film Festival at Santa Anita Park?

Email us at

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