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Code of Conduct

1. All camera crews must be accompanied by a Santa Anita Park employee at all times.


2. No lights, flash photography, reflectors, flags, tracks, sliders, dollies or boom microphones will be allowed around horses during racing or training hours. This equipment can spook horses and endanger both them and the humans riding or working with them.


3. No fast movements or sharp and loud noises around the horses. Crews must be in "Baby Sleeping" mode. Extra care must be made not to drop objects. No Yelling.


4. Carry tall equipment low to the ground, never high up in the air. No running.


5. Give the right-of-way to the horse. Treat horses like a helicopter. Never go near his or her hind end. Stay back 10 feet or more.


6. No access to restricted areas, including the stables, receiving barn, jockeys' room, starting gate or on the racetrack itself. 


7. Treat your gear like luggage at the airport: Never leave is unattended and be sure not to drop heavy items near a horse.


8. Abide by any instructions form Santa Anita Park patrons and make sure they are not inconvenienced by your actions.


10. If in doubt about anything, ask you Santa Anita Park employee!

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