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2013 HRTV Film festival film makers


Filmmaker: Ryan Nothhaft

BioRyan Nothhaft is a marketing professional from Silicon Valley with a passion for the thoroughbred racing industry and armature film making.  Ryan also participated in last year's HRTV Santa Anita Film Festival.

Film Title: Kindle

Synopsis: After a successful 2012 campaign, Kindle, a 5 year old mare trained by Gary Mandella, begins her 2013 season competing against the best sprinters at Santa Anita.  Starting with the Monrovia Stakes in early January, Kindle tests 2012 Breeders Cup Sprint champion, Mizdirection in a battle on the downhill turf course.  Just weeks later, Kindle faces off with Teddy's Promise in the Santa Monica Stakes during Sunshine Millions Day.





Filmmaker: Shimmy Lautman

Bio: I am a student at LA Valley College. I am passionate about photography and filmmaking. My dad, Ben Lautman, who is a professional actor and filmmaker, and I participated in last years HRTV Film Festival. We had a blast working together and producing a fabulous movie. We are excited and looking forward to another wonderful experience. Thanks HRTV and Santa Anita Park! Shimmy

Film Title: One Magical Day

Synopsis: The film is a captivating story of couple who set out to enjoy a Very, Very Special Day.  They find themselves at Santa Anita Park where they recapture and relive their youth, passion and fervor for their relationship and for life.   They enjoy all the many events and surprises that a day at the races offer.  Sit back, relax, prepare to be transported and enjoy ONE MAGICAL DAY.  Music set by International Composer and Song Writer DARIN KOHAVI



Filmmaker: Teresa Trujillo

Bio: I've been around horses my whole life. My husband is a horseshoer in Southern California and I used to work for the Thouroughbred Times Magazine in Lexington, Kentucky. I'm a professional graphic designer who dabbles in short film. I love the concept of this contest and I'm looking forward to a reason to spend more time at the track.

Film Title: Anticipating A Day At The Races

Synopsis: A day at the races starts long before race day. Horseracing is a sport of anticipation, from the decision to breed a mare to a particular stallion, to the anticipation of the birth of a foal, through training and race day--breeders, owners, trainers, and race fans are all Anticipating A Day at the Races.





Filmmaker: Kenny Sanchez

Bio: Over the last 11 years Kenny Sanchez has been president and owner of Thoroughbred Marketing Solutions, bringing a much needed service to the thoroughbred racing industry in the form of media, photography and graphic design. Kenny has over 30 years of experience in the racing industry. He began his career at the age of 18 following his passion and love for the thoroughbred. Starting as a hot walker and working his way up to groom, he gained experience on the ground with the horses.  Eventually Kenny rose to enjoy success as a jockey, getting the opportunity to see the world and traveling to China and Canada. 

Film TItle: Fun, Guts & Glory

Synopsis:This is a film that showcases the excitement, the fun, and the grandeur of Santa Anita racetrack, a Southern California landmark that can be enjoyed by families and friends alike. The kids’ zone has become a main focal point with its face painting stations and pony rides. Santa Anita offers fine dining at the Front Runner Restaurant and also provides patrons with a mouthwatering variety of delicacies at the food truck venue in the infield. 


Filmmaker: Lizzy G

Bio: I have been visiting Santa Anita Park since I was five years old. I took time out to attend USC and became a teacher. My brother Edward Successfully raced his "Marged S" horses at Santa Anita in the late 90's, providing lasting heartfelt memories. I am delighted to honor the memory of my brother and the joy of thoroughbred racing in a special video "A Day at the Races... Starring Seabiscuit."

Film Title: A Day At The Races Starring Seabiscuit

Synopsis: The film is a sentimental tribute to the great Seabiscuit - honoring today's thoroughbreds, the sport of racing and The Grand Santa Anita Park.






Filmmaker: James Val

Bio: Bio:  Actor , Writer, Author, Producer, Director, Mentor Teacher. Associate Arts Degree, Bachelor Arts Degree, Masters of Arts Degree, Multiple Teaching Credential.

Filmmakers: Born To Win

Synopsis: A behind the scenes look at new born foals and what it takes to prepare them for racing.








Filmmaker: Miguel Cuatro

Bio: 'And Away They Go' was produced by Cuatro Mascaras Productions, which was formed by 4 friends who share their affinity for films and at the same time are able to each contribute a different aspect of filmmaking to their produced projects. The sports documentary is directed by Miguel Mouchess, produced by Arturo Toledo and Miguel Mouchess, Cinematography by Jose Omar Contreras, and Editing/sound mix by Henry Torres.  

Film Title: And Away They Go

Synopsis: Known for its scenic backdrop of the San Gabriel mountains and historical achitecture, Santa Anita also serves in bringing together a diverse horse racing culture and fans together, alike.






Filmmaker: Mike Gan

Bio: I am a USC Film School graduate who loves the track and fell in love with shooting the races, and have been obsessed with capturing the excitement and energy that happens at Santa Anita. It's a feeling you can't get anywhere else when you see your horse coming down the stretch.

Film Name: Thunder

Synopsis: Thunder is a film that strives to capture the details and community of horse racing at Santa Anita. I wanted to make a piece that was authentic, beyond the obvious beauty of the horses running and scenery-- something you can't discover in a pamphlet or photographs. I wanted to show the steps and progression of a day at the races, and swell a momentum that erupts into the excitement of racing and the crowd, and do that which is oh-so-hard to capture on film-- the indescribable energy that ignites that we can all feel when the horses burst out of the gate and fly down the stretch. I want long time racing fans to be proud of its authenticity, and I want someone who's never been to the track to watch this and say "wow, I want to feel that". 



Filmmaker: Will Mayer

Bio: From Northport, New York

Film Title: Crescendo: A Day At The Races










Filmmaker: Kristen Hastings

Bio: Kristen Hastings is a student at the University of California, San Diego studying Visual Arts and European History. She grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA. She moonlights as a social documentary filmmaker and photographer. Her goal as a filmmaker is to raise social consciousness and to get people to see the beauty in even the weirdest quarters of the world. She may seem content behind the camera while shooting at the track, but secretly wishes she was riding one of the horses! 

Film Name: To Santa Anita, With Love

Synopsis: A love letter to a magical space where a beautiful flow of workers, athletes and nature come together ultimately in a perfect union with the mystique of the thoroughbred race-horse and it's uncanny ability to unite humanity. One always has a great day at the races only made possible by the warm and soulful characters that have dedicated, in some cases over 50 years of their lives to the gorgeous nooks and riches of "The Great Race Place." 



Filmmaker: Lance Kramer

Bio:Kramer Productions' short film "ONE" serves as the companies proud inaugural production.  Directed by award winning chef and founder Lance Kramer the talented production team consists of Ryan Namba (Executive Producer), Robert C. Givens (Cinematographer), Alex Evans (Editor), Hjarta Cutter (Composer) and talented camera operators (Dale Irvine, Bryce Mouer, Mark Flores & Christian Janss).  Kramer Productions' film "ONE" follows Jim Rome, his horse Mizdirection, and Hall of Fame Jockey Mike E. Smith on their journey to victory.  Set at the pristine Santa Anita Park, ONE takes you on a ride you won't forget.  

Film Name: ONE

Synopsis: There are hundreds of factors going into every race, but to be victorious, they must come together as ONE.  ONE follows Jim Rome, his horse Mizdirection, and Hall of Fame Jockey Mike E. Smith on their journey to victory.  Set at the pristine Santa Anita Park, ONE takes you on a ride you won't forget. 



Filmmaker: Audrey Marchionno

Bio: A true Arcadian, with fond memories of afternoons spent with her family at Santa Anita Park. A former athlete, understands the importance of discipline that is needed to stay in The game and as an equestrian rider and owner, understands the capability and unpredictability of a thoroughbred. With a short stint as a former actor, with a passion to someday shoot her own project, this project could not have been a more perfect opportunity. Audrey looks forward in continuing to use use Santa Anita, its game players and amazing horses as a subject to filming while honing her craft. Audrey resides in Orange County with husband Vinny, keeps busy with the business of their thoroughbreds, family and the study of music & film.

Film Name: A Day At The Races

Synopsis: Santa Anita Park, with its back drop of the San Gabriel Mountains, is home to numerous prestigious races including the Santa Anita Handicap as well as hosting The Breeders Cup. Featured is Iconic thoroughbred trainer, Henry Moreno, an 84 year old California native, who has been training for more than 60 years with earnings to date of approximately $24,050.00! From trainers, jockeys, the horses and racetrack goers, they are all in it to win it, but can lose it all by a nose.


Filmmaker: Kenneth Woodall

Bio: Kenneth Woodall likes to tell stories. He majored in Film Production at USC and currently works at his production company.

Film Name: Jockeys' Anthem

Synopsis: A jockey's relationship with his horse is rooted in man's history - from mythology to revolution, our culture evolved upon the strength of their backs. Racing hearkens back to this primal fellowship. Here is an ode to this special connection and a tribute to the work, dedication, and passion that goes into every race.







Filmmaker: Paul Rubinfeld

Bio: Born and raised in Burbank, California, Paul always knew he wanted to be a storyteller. Throughout all four years of high school, he took animation classes under Charles Zembillas at the Animation Academy.  Afterwards he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Screenwriting at Chapman University.  For the past few years, Paul has been working under manager/producer Brian Young helping develop client's projects.  Paul most recently received a special thanks in Nicholas Jarecki's film Arbitrage as a result.  

Film Name: Let's Roll

Synopsis: Internationally known professional jockey Joe Talamo narrates what the races mean to him and what keeps him going at the track.






Filmmaker: Orlando Arango

Bio: We are horse racing fans who also happen to be student filmmakers..  As a group we decided to enter the HRTV Film Festival and document a family outing to the track to show the excitement of Santa Anita.  Our company, Digital Eye Studios, consists of very hard working people with different backgrounds who enjoy working together. The team is made up of Eddie Jung and Asia Heredia (Cameras), Aditya Nair(Editor), Hitoshi Yoshinara(Composer), and Orlando Arango/Kenya Streeter(Producers).

Film Name: A Day For Family

Synopsis: Father and Son day at Santa Anita






Filmmaker: Jeffrey Lascola

Bio: We are a happily married couple with four dogs, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first baby in May 2013! Jeffrey graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communications. He has been filming since he was 14 years old. For over the past decade, he has been working in the Football industry recruiting High School and Junior College players to play at the next level in College. Kristen graduated from Cal State University San Marcos with a degree in Communications and is currently working on her Master's degree from Liberty University in Business Management and Leadership. For the past 9 years, she has been working for North Coast Church as a Junior High Director. 

Film Name: Mossy

Synopsis: Our film highlights 95 year old, Joseph "Mossy" Mosbacher, who was in the horse racing industry from the age of 13 to 92 and was the first person to ride a horse around Santa Anita's race track when it opened in 1934.



Filmmaker: Anthony Clegg

Bio: Anthony Clegg and David Palomares work in television and film production. This is their second year competing in HRTVs film festival. 

Film Name: Live A Little

Synopsis: Young man is desperate to save his beloved pet turtle and discovers horse racing in the process.








Filmmaker: James Zaguroli

Bio: James moved from Michigan to LA in 2004 to pursue a career in the film industry.  A graduate of LA Film School, he has been involved in numerous independent TV, film, documentary and web series productions. His jobs have included Directing, Producing and Cinematographer.Credits include the award winning short, "Blockbusters", that was featured on the reality show "On The Lot." A collection of Youtube web series such as Modelball, Upstairs Girls, Downstairs Guys and the award winning Shatner Project with William Shanter. James also Co-Produced and was Cinematographer for the comedy/horror film "Panman" and the drama "P.T.S.D."

Film Name: A Living History

Synopsis: Exhibiting a living history of Santa Anita Park.  Starting in the 1930s continuing through the decades of racing culminating to the present day. A brief glimpse into Santa Anita's culture and style.




Filmmaker: Neleigh Olson

Bio: Neleigh Olson received her formal education at Eastern Washington University, earning a degree in creative writing. Her more recent schooling has come from the thoroughbred racetracks of Kentucky, Florida, New York and now Los Angeles where she works as an exercise rider. As a writer, she has been published in various national literary magazines and journals. She features her writing and award-winning artwork on her website: neleigholson.wix. com/neleighart. Her film making partner, Alex Haney, is an award winning director, recently best short film at the 2011 Palm Beach International FIlm Festival; born on Upper Heyford Air Force Base in Oxfordshire, England and recently from New York City, moved to Los Angeles in 2011.

Film Name: The Fast & Furriest

Synopsis: A small pony with big dreams is inspired by his heroes on the racetrack.




Filmmaker: Brad Adkins


Film Name: A Day At The Races

Synopsis: Eileen Smith 82 years old revisits Santa Anita Race Track for "A Day at the Races" after 20 years to remember all the great times she had in the past coming to Santa Anita with her husband and all her friends.  









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